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Candidates - Guidelines to a successful CV

Candidates - Guidelines to a successful CV

By: Profile Personnel


  • Ensure that "Curriculum Vitae" is spelt correctly.
  • Your CV Profile picture must be professional...
  • Have a editable and a pdf copy to supply to your recruitment consultant.


  • Tailoring a cover letter is important. Use it as a tool to highlight your main attributes and achievements suited to the role you are applying for.
  • Research your employer and if possible, incorporate aspects of their business culture that you relate to as an individual. Show that you will add value to their business. 


  • When applying for various positions, make sure you address your potential employer correctly and tailor your application accordingly.  
  • Your CV must include personal information, allowing for potential employers to contact you easily.
  • Clearly highlight all your educational achievements, this will include: qualifications, courses, certificates, in-house training and NSC certificate. 


  • Pre-employment checks are a necessity for any hiring business.
  • Ensure  you have a reference for each employment stated on your CV.
  • The details must be up-to-date and accurate.
  • Use credible references of senior managers and mentors. Unfortunately, friends are not an acceptable reference.
  • Inform your references that their contact details are on your CV.
  • Professionally conducted references can be outsourced to Profile Personnel.


  • It is crucial that your documentation is included in your application.
  • All scans documents must be certified and clear. Colour copies are preferable.
  • Profile Personnel can verify your qualifications and background checks for you.

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